BSOTS - Feasibility study for implementation in other maternity trusts of a maternity triage system developed during the CLAHRC pilot (Service Theme 1)

West Midlands
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014

Project summary

The Birmingham Symptom-specific Obstetric Triage System (BSOTS) was developed, in a collaboration between University of Birmingham researchers and Birmingham Women’s Hospital health care professionals, in response to an identified need for a standardised triage system to prioritise the clinical urgency of women during unscheduled pregnancy related attendances. The triage system, similar to those utilised in Accident and Emergency departments, involves a standardised initial assessment within 15 minutes of arrival to determine the level of clinical urgency and then provide the appropriate standardised care and investigations. An initial pilot of BSOTS has suggested that it offers a reliable method of triaging women, and that midwives feel the safety of woman and baby had been improved. This initial success has prompted researchers to begin a wider rollout to a few additional sites in order to demonstrate and understand how BSOTS performs in other contexts beyond the initial pilot site.

Dr Karl Prince
Warwick Business School, 23 Edgarley Terrace, London. SW6 6QE