Bottom up approach to education on medication review and stopping inappropriate medicines

North West London
Start Date: 16 Oct 2014 End Date: 23 Nov 2014

Project aim

Understanding the perspectives of junior doctors/pharmacists and undergraduates about medication review and de-prescribing, and using this to influence and improve undergraduate and foundation education for doctors and pharmacists.

The NIHR CLAHRC NWL medicines optimisation work stream has focused on developing and embedding a culture of medication review.  The literature around medication review and stopping inappropriate medicines ostensibly focuses on prescribing by senior clinicians, and little is mentioned about the role of junior doctors/pharmacists and their future role as prescribers/reviewers of medicines.  Little is contained in undergraduate/foundation curricula for both professions about the basic concepts of medication review and deprescribing.  We have a significant opportunity to be the first to take this issue seriously and to develop a regional and potential national strategy to educate undergraduate and foundation doctors and pharmacists.

Outcome & Impact statement

By introducing the basic concepts around medication review and deprescribing in medical/pharmacy schools and foundation programmes for doctors and pharmacists, novice practitioners will be better equipped to prompt senior clinicians to review medications, which they currently do rarely.  They will also be better prepared for their future role as senior clinicians in taking these decisions themselves.

Barry Jubraj