Event: Pathways to tackling housing challenges - beyond individual and topic-base

Start Date: 27 Nov 2018 13:59

Learning exchange event: Pathways to tackling housing challenges

27 Nov 2018



The CLAHRC NWC Public Health Theme is pleased to provide a space on Tuesday 27th November to present lessons from the Neighbourhood Resilience Programme’s work on systems resilience, housing and social determinants of health. As well as sharing our own experience, we would like to invite the submission of abstracts if you are interested in speaking at the event. We are interested in hearing from people with on-the-ground examples of effective action at a local level to tackle housing challenges and the link with health inequalities and wellbeing.

submissions are welcome from Local Authorities, community organisations, third and public sector agencies, activist groups, housing associations and socially engaged letting agencies that are focused on linking issues of justice and housing.

In particular, submissions that emphasise the importance of collaborating at a systems level to have impact are invited. Examples would include, but are by no means limited to, collaborations between the public health sectors and sectors that are responsible for influencing the conditions of daily life that have an impact on health inequalities.

This learning exchange-styled workshop will be an opportunity to generate in-depth discussions and to document inspirational examples that can serve as a practical guide for others working in similar organisations or with similar experiences.

Abstracts are due by 5.00pm on Thursday 11, November 2018.  Please e-mail to a.porroche-escudero@lancaster.ac.uk

Abstract word limit: 250 words

For more information please contact Paula Wheeler at p.wheeler1@lancaster.ac.uk or Ana Porroche-Escudero at a.porroche-escudero@lancaster.ac.uk